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Courting chaos, again I go

I’m off again! And I’m taking everything!

I must be getting used to all this travel business, because my pre-trip anxiety is milder this time around.  It hit me on Friday, but then passed and last night… no huge panic.  My mum says that the fleeting feeling of what-the-hell-am-I-doing-are-you-completely-insane-or-what? is called an anxiety attack.  And she would know, she’s a doctor.

Whew.  So, I’m settling into this documentary film business and walking out the door in about two hours.  I’ll be arriving in Newark a bit passed noon.  YAY!  I’m looking forward to seeing Gitte, Brooke, Morten, Simon, Janet & Michael (who you don’t know yet) this week.

How that for brandless name dropping? Pretty useless, huh? All in good time.

If packing for this trip is a metaphor for the state of my documentary, I’m for sure still in the before stage.

I hear, that’s how it goes with documentary film making…  And to quote my new mentor,

You’re now on a voyage of discovery, and that voyage is to some extent, unmappable and unpredictable, but I will say I’m convinced you’re headed in the right direction, and you know what some of the fundamental challenges are.  That’s enough for now.

– I’ll share who this guy is soon, promise!

Don’t forget! Meet me tomorrow night! Manhattan Meet-up


An open BAR in NYC! That's how Brooke is doing!

Talk about Array Language Programmer Jedi!

Booke Allen’s No Shortage of Work project has completely taken off.   Over the last 8 months this fabulous idea has begun to glow with a profession sheen to rival the best out there.

Tomorrow night they are hosting their first members only networking event of the year in NYC!  With free booze! Join quick!  Maybe it’s not too late!

And hey – headhunters, watch out!  This people-helping-people business is going to shut you down someday… soon.

Best of luck to everyone tomorrow night.  Wishing I were there too!


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