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Eyeballs, the ropes and hot hot docs!

A quick  note from the trenches.   I’m exhilarated and exhausted as we come to the close of  the conference.

The take home message?  Even in the world of documentary film making, eyeballs rule.

So, the sneaky plan of releasing the 1974 Origins of APL to the public is turning out to be the coup of coups!

You should see their faces!  FOUR THOUSAND views?

Of course, by now it’s 4,367. Viva La Jedi!


Schmoozing Shoes

I’m off to Hot Docs, Toronto’s infamous Documentary Film Festival and Industry Schmooze Event.   It’s time to polish up my light saber and kick-ass shoes.

And then fixing this blog so that you can follow my twitter posts from here…

Oh! While I don’t want to jinx my exam results, I can say that my mark going in was high enough that I only needed a 60% to achieve a qualifying over-all grade.  If I didn’t manage that, I’ll be making some serious revisions to my game plan later this summer.


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