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Michael, Asperger’s and me

In 1983, with my hanky tied up on a stick and  my white cat perched on my shoulder,  I left Swarthmore, Pennsylvania to venture into the world.   My first stop was Hampshire College located in Amherst, Massachusetts, USA.

Camp Hamp, as we fondly and irreverently call it.  

That’s where I met Michael John Carley.  At the time, everyone in my motley crew knew that Michael was destined to do great things.  For one thing, he’s a bad ass poker player; and through the hazy eyes of 18 year olds, that’s a sure fire sign of success. Little did we know that he would eventually found an extremely successful peer support group for adults on the Autism spectrum.  More to the point, we had no idea that he was on the Autism Spectrum.   Not a freaking clue.  And that’s the theme that keeps coming up in our side project.  No one knew.

What side project? One of my sneaky plans is to get to know Michael again after all these years, so I volunteered my video production skills and we’re collaborating on a video for GRASP.  For the last couple of days, I’ve been looking at the testimonials of the brave folks who stepped up to participate in our little production.  It’s a treat and a privilege.  It totally rocks.  A great evil plan.

I encourage you to read Michael’s book: Asperger’s from the Inside Out.


IBM and the MUPPETS!

This is how it goes on Tuesdays.

At 4pm I drink 15 cups of coffee.

Then, I head over to the University of Toronto, go for a swim and settle down for three hours of a lecture on some Accounting subject.  Right now, it’s Management Accounting.  Focused on manufacturing, because that’s “the most complicated”.  Really this means Cost Accounting.  It’s getting more interesting as my teacher weens himself of PowerPoint…. Slowly.

Then I come home.  Last week this was EASY.  I just chipped away at the CanWest/Hot Docs development funding application for this project until I dropped.  This week… Humm dee dumm dumm daaaaa….

Now what?  Ali is out with friends, so there is no taunting him! Damn.

After a glass of ginger wine, I get the brilliant idea to install the Facebook “like” button from FileMobile’s Steve Hulford.  Maybe you noticed it at the bottom of this post (hint hint).

Further shenanigans uncovered a GREAT post made by my friend, George Spofford in Facebook: IBM and the Muppets – NO KIDDING

My night is complete.  Cyberspace rules.

I think maybe that’s the wine talking.


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