How to Help

Creating a documentary film is much more difficult than you can imagine. Trust me, it’s hard.  Despite the challenges, we are making it come hell or high water AND we are completely counting on your support.

Here are three ways you can help us out:

Read this Blog
This is a numbers game, folks. We count when you look and where you come from. Thank you for being here and keep it up. You ROCK!

Pass it Along = Share
If you like something we have to say, please share it. There is a share button conveniently located at the bottom of each post.

And if the spirit moves you, say something. Comments make the Web go ’round.

Support this Blog with your WALLET

If you like this Jazz, please donate right here. We’re not rich, but we’re teeming with optimism.

And please, while you’re at it – why not use the following link to toss Wikikpedia $20?  We did.

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