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What is your array?

For 20 months now, I have been asking array language affiliates to describe what is special about the array languages.   To be perfectly frank and at the risk of making myself unpopular,  most of the answers are either vague or boring.

What occurred to me today while talking with one of my mentors, is that I’ve been trying to explain this eternal mystery since my childhood.  I badly lost the my-dad-is-bigger/meaner/smarter-than-your-dad competitions on the playground.  Believe me, it was a struggle to maintain my culturally weird Canadian position on that small patch of American ground.

The second thing that I realized is that if I haven’t found a satisfying answer to this question within the community in my lifetime; maybe that’s the nature of the beast.  Not that there is no answer, but that we don’t know how to articulate it.  So I’ve decided to change my approach.

My new line of inquiry is this: what is your array and what do you do with it?


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