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I’m back home and am burning to share another New York story.  It starts like this…

On my way to lunch with Joel Kaplan, I’m getting into the elevator on the 27th floor of this absolutely stunning Park Avenue building.  Along for the ride are Adam Jacobs and Robert “rOml” Lefkowitz, two veteran APL programmers from New York, both of whom I’m meeting for the first time.  Joel launches into techno-talk, reminiscing about something or other.  Then he stops and apologizes, he feels he’s being rude.  I don’t know how much of the technical side you understand.

I explain that I worked as an APL programmer for years and then I say… Yes, I did technical work until 2001 when I ran off to join the circus.

Then, with complete and utter sincerity Robert says, Oh really, which one?

That stopped me. What just happened? I wonder.

Joel jumps to the rescue, I think she means it figuratively. And I do.  He looks at me and says, he thought you meant it literally, his wife trains kids for the circus. At this point, the woman standing next to me isn’t even trying to hide that she’s laughing her head off.

Real life circus experience;  and the guy even knows how to juggle!  I’ll bet ten bucks that by the time I get to the principle photography on this bloody film, he’ll be doing that behind the back act he performed for us.

Ah… isn’t life sweet?  A circus act for my film. Literally.


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