No plan B

I’m getting ready to travel again.  This time, I’m not revealing my destination.  In fact, I can count the number of people who know where on one hand, and I’m related to most of them.  Mystery!

Not really, I’m lying. No mystery.

Honestly, I desperately need a little time and space to think things through.

My travel routine is pretty typical:  ticket, passport, wallet – check!  Except, the night before…    every. single. time. I. fly…    I experience this period where I feel like I’m a sister from another planet.  At that moment, I panic:  what are you doing? I say to myself…  I can’t believe I’m going.  If you’ve been with me here for a while, you’ve probably begun to detect the pattern.

This time, it has started prematurely and I’m trying to comprehend why.

Maybe because during my last adventure, my cat almost died from some mysterious illness; had I not cut my trip short for an unrelated reason, that would have been it for her.

But no, that’s not it.  And I do think I know what it is:  there is no plan B.

Before I even knew what was happening, I said this out loud to an actual person this week.  I admitted it.

After such a colossal wipe-out this summer, rather than do the rational thing and get rid of plan A, I dumped my Plan B.  In fact I trashed 3 or 4 of them. Now I have none.

I’m totally focused on plan A: my evil plan.

Oh, I did notice that not everyone is comfortable with my use of ‘evil’…  But that’s a segue for another day.

My wise and supportive companion said:  You’re making a commitment.


Curses! Damn! RATS! Bloody Hell!

Whew!  That felt good. Now, I’m off to have my run through the woods, because Jedi must be very fit.


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  • As Napoleon Hill would say, You must burn your ships! You must have only one option, victory! Good for you Catherine! One of the greatest motivators for success is knowing failure is not an option.

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