Evil plans ARE best

My Cohort, Godzilla has been hatching a plan for novel and upbeat ways  to finance this array of covert operations here in cyberspace.

After our weekly tête à tête amoureux, We concluded this Social Networking Experiment is a monstrous success.  And, Godzilla needs a new tie…  …so, viola:  We’re pushing this baby to a higher level!

After market testing some ideas…  (We discovered that taking wagers for pranks on prominent community members could  potentially be perceived as  mean spirited.  Though, with some help from our network of spies, We did mastermind some excellent pranks… Like asking X why Y’s logo looks like a guy’s ‘thing’ on camera)  …We settled on a something different And exciting.

The next step, of course, is to sell the idea; Godzilla tasked me with creating a Pitch. 

What the heck is a pitch?

Turns out I have no idea.  I started with an outline.  Some of my friends said it was a good start, while others:  What the hell are you talking about? Things slid downhill; Godzilla looked very concerned.

We decided to pitch the Pitch, and to draw It instead!

With really cool results. Stay tuned.

BTW – I cribbed ‘Evil Plans are Best’ from artist Hugh McLeod, please subscribe to his newsletter because he rocks.  And for the record, I did not get paid for saying this.


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