Amazing Grace on L*******n!

If I had to pick one person on earth to count on, Roger Hui would be in my top 10 list.  For sure.   110% reliable. And will you just look what a gem he found!  Wow I hope this gets to stay in the public domain!

In case you’re new to this blog, I received Grace Hopper’s biography ohhhhh, way back in October, 2009. In fact, if you type ‘grace’ in the search box to your right, you’ll find a couple of posts about one of the best biographies I ever read. 

In writing this, my inner voice says, hmmm…. it must easier to be candid and honest when everyone is dead. One wouldn’t need to dance around all those bits that make us human and interesting.  My father, incidentally, now prefaces his BEST emails with ‘This is NOT for your blog’.

And the photo, by the way,  is of the Mark I… I went to visit it in Boston last year (hem… try ‘Boston’ in the search box)


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