My APL2010 – pick list (guest Vibeke)

Conference Presentations (based on those I managed to attend):
Most laughs: Prof Dr. Ing Horst Zuse – “The origins of the computer”

Best entertainment value: Jay Foad (Dyalog) – “An Interpreter for Vanilla Siteswap”

Presentation with highest sex-appeal (I want one of those!): John Daintree (Dyalog) – “Taking APL for a RIDE”

Most “wake up we’re moving ahead” presentation: Morten Kromberg, John Scholes and Jonathan Manktelow (Dyalog) – “APL#”

Most fantastic application presentation: Lars Wenzel (Fujitsu Sweden) – “Volvo application”.

Best up-coming APL’ers presentation: Mstislav Elagin & Ryan Tarpine – winners of the programming contest.

Most intriguing and thought provoking on parallel/multicore: Sven-Bodo Scholz (University of Hertfordshire)

Best selling proposition for flogging APL: Paul Grosvenor (Optima Systems) – “Making Money with APL”

Most progressive and “on the ball” APL Vendor with resources to do R&D: Dyalog Ltd.

Berlin is a nice city and I would like to go back sometime and play tourist. Great restaurants and good music venues. Went to A-Trane (Larry Goldings trio) and Quasimodo (Blues rock with German 5 piece bluesband called “five” & bough their CD ‘Five in the Kitchen’. Great food at Ottenthal – best pudding I’ve ever had (poppyseed & lavender sabayon).


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