Monkey see, monkey do

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, while I am obsessively logging everything, all my research to date, in a series of Open Office documents whose structure, unsurprisingly, resembles a relational database (hint, hint); Godzilla is boning up on his array programming vocabulary. He’s reading Jeff Boror’s, Q for Mortals if you must know.

Never fear, he and I are on our dogged mission to understand this subject from the match stick to the forest, even when the chips are down.

And speaking of match sticks, I’m going to make one of those observations that’s likely to irritate some of you. The thing of the thing is, that while we are super ready to talk about nuances with the various array language implementations in minutia detail or fight each other to the death over the nitty-gritty theoretical points, when I ask, Ok, but what can I DO with an array language? OR What IS a parallel processing problem? I’m sorry to say, that up until now, there has been what seems to me to be a stunned silence within the community.

Happy, happy me sees a steady stream of really cool applications and ideas coming in at this moment. I can’t wait to pick the best of the best for the ‘Top 10 Cool Things you can do with an Array Language’ page coming soon to this site!

And while I’m on the topic of interesting array language problems, yesterday I got to meet Hans Wobbe, an IPSA gent from the 1970’s who’s located right here in Toronto.  He’s thinking about the global Address Management problem.  And he’s so keen about arrays, he calls the world wide web, The Array.

Personally, I think he should have borrowed The Matrix which does, after all, have that stellar Canadian cast.  You see,  because the movie was so successful, ‘matrix’ has achieved high ranking in the commons and will likely make archetype status long before ‘array’.  And where this gets really yummy, is that the allusion opens doors to play with all kinds of metaphysical ideas, like the 6th dimension,  for example.  But that’s jut me.

Back to Hans and The Array.  Yesterday he gave me a precious gift; an education on Address Management and a tiny insight into who is interested in address data other than the post office.  And the answer is everybody who has a stake in either land or money. Not to mention the folks interested in time and space.



Watch out, Batman.


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