Eugene McDonnell

Eugene McDonnell and Larry Breed, Palo Alto May 2009

Eugene McDonnell & Larry Breed, Palo Alto May 2009

Eugene Edward McDonnell

(October 18, 1926 – August 17, 2010) was a Computer Science pioneer and long-time contributor to the programming languages APL and J….

Studying the poems of Robert Frost, he noticed that the first two poems in Frost’s book West Running Brook, “Spring Pools” and “The Freedom of the Moon”, not only discuss reflecting, but the rhyme schemes of the two reflect each other: aabcbc and cbcbaa….

His first work at IBM was in the design of IBM’s first Time-Sharing system, which became a very early host to IVSYS, a predecessor of APL. In 1968 he became a colleague of Ken Iverson, used Iverson notation before APL was named, and was active in the very earliest days of APL…


Eugene - APL Bug Meeting May 2009

Eugene - APL Bug Meeting May 2009

Roger Hui’s Eulogy

Jeffrey Shallit’s Eulogy

Eugene’s Memorial site

Condolences, from me and my family.

– Catherine


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