Eeeek! Sharks! Oh… naked Austrian guys

What surprised me, was not everyone at Cross Media TO talking about the Old Spice guy; what did catch my attention was that my mother sent me an email about him a few days later.  The world must be changing, because there was a day when only naked women attracted so much attention.  And that was last month.

It just so happens that last week I realized, what many of you probably already know, that there is a whole pack of super hot Array Language Jedi Knights in Austria.  What’s even better is, some of them are under 40 and will take their clothes off in cyberspace. Or at least their Avatars will, which is good enough for me.  So, I’m poised and ready to start my very own campaign.  Do you think I should ask them first? They’ve put out an awesome APL family tree.

I went to Cross Media TO to check out all the cool projects and to ask people if they needed help with their project budgeting, because I really do want an iPad, so I’m coming out as a junior Accountant.  Ta Da! Catherine, Project Budget Especialista. For some reason I just started humming, “A spoon full of sugar, helps the medicine go down…”

Anyway, Adrian Carter from Shark Teeth Films, showed an iPad demo that rocked.  Just another film production company?  Nope. It turns out, they’ve set-up this cool work-flow iPad application.  The program allows their customers to review animations and approve them from afar.  The down side?  Adrian reports, It’s still working with technology, with all the complications that go along with it.  You need to re-boot from time to time.


4 Responses to “Eeeek! Sharks! Oh… naked Austrian guys”

  • The “APL family tree” shows the following:

    APL -> IVSYS -> Abrams APL machine -> Sharp APL -> Dictionary APL
    APL -> APL\360
    APL -> SAX APL

    There is something wrong with this picture. (e.g. there is no way that APL\360 is a terminal node.)

  • aprogramminglanguage aprogramminglanguage

    Add on! Dear Roger, add on!

  • I understand that APL exerted a major influence on Wolfram’s design of Mathematica.

    I’m less certain about how APL influenced MATLAB.

  • aprogramminglanguage aprogramminglanguage

    Thanks Curtis – Yes, please keep the references coming. I think I can wrestle up a team to work on the data and visuals.

    (And there’s no requirement to take your shirt off)

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