And then again, there’s Helvetica

What I love about Helvetica is how well Gary Hustwit brings out the personalities of the designers.  The disagreements between the post-modernists and the modernists remind me of the two great Array language debates: Index origin and the APL characterset.


2 Responses to “And then again, there’s Helvetica”

  • Ah yes, the perpetual quad-IO debate…

    Here’s a gem of a cartoon about the very subject, which cracked me up: [hover over the panel for extra comments]

    It’s wonderful that you made that connection between the Helvetica movie and classic APL debates! As it happens, I just saw the movie for the first time less than a month ago (and really loved it). I wonder if there is much overlap between array programmers and type junkies? By coincidence, there’s a strong APL programmer down the hall from me who used to set type…coincidence, probably, but I can see a connection within the love of precision and elegance.

  • aprogramminglanguage aprogramminglanguage

    There you go Don. I’ve used my super powers to put your image into your comment.

    Thanks! That’s a good one.

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