The outer limits of vintage technology

I love this tag line so much it gets it’s own post.  And maybe one of you in the UK made your way to Bletchley Park with the 1999 others attracted to the first vintage computer festival ever held in the UK.

Rupert Goodwins of  ZDNet UK took photos and wrote about it. Gallery: The outer limits of vintage technology

Another relic of the days of big iron, this small modern circuit board is emulating an IBM System/360.

One of the kings of mainframe design, the S/360 was in production from 1964 to 1978 and was highly successful in business, science, engineering, government and research. It introduced a whole range of concepts familiar to this day, including the 8-bit byte. While it once filled rooms and cost fortunes, it can now be built by enthusiasts as a configuration file that configures a sliver of silicon smaller than a penny.

– Rupert Goodwins


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