NYC, I’m wandering home. Oh, Toronto!

I have to confess, I’m not too excited about going home.  Even though it’s between 33 and 34 degrees Celsius here in NYC.  And it’s only June.

Yesterday I walked around the Financial District with my big camera collecting “B-roll” for my demo.  I started the day at the World Trade Center to tape rush hour at 9am.  I felt a little too self conscious so close to Ground Zero, so I’m not thrilled with what I got.  But later my  foray onto Wall Street went pretty well, so… Good.

Now I’m off to catch my flight home to my somewhat rattled city – I mean, Yikes!  Toronto made the news in NYC twice since I’ve been away.  What!?!  An earthquake at 5.5 and riots.  RIOTS! ?


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  • Have a good trip home! Looking forward to hearing about your adventures, and your take on what has gone down in TO.

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