Love on Wall Street

A Love Letter to you

I know, I know… Social change and technology one day, Wall Street the next.

Really,  it all comes together as one big love story.  Just you watch.

APL array language family as love story! Oh! My!

But seriously folks, I’ve done it again.  Things are shifting  so quickly as new folks join the team, I’m suffering from whiplash.  Of course, at the same time I scrambling frantically to get get my butt from Toronto to NYC next week.  All I have to say is: Meet Me in Manhattan!

Tuesday June 22, 2010
Starts: 04:30PM
Ends:  09:00PM

Heartland Brewery Empire State Building Location
5th Ave & E 34th St
New York, NY 10016

LinkedIn Event notice

And I sacrifice the mark on my next exam, scheduled the day I come home – that’s gonna hurt.

Oh, if you’re curious to learn what today’s photo is all about – Click on it.  🙂


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