Average on my Mind

I mentioned to Gary Berquist when I saw him again last month in DC that I am using him as my poster-boy.  If you remember the old blog, he was on the side bar for quite a long time with his Did Ken Iverson Invent APL? slide.  Gary is a good APL citizen, this means he does heaps for the community, and  I like this.  And more to the point, he’s a very entertaining speaker and is good looking and puts good APL ‘sound bites’ up in Powerpoint.  Ha. A perfect post-boy.

Don’t worry folks, he signed a release, so this doesn’t count as stalking.  Not that I’m above stalking.

Anyway, to Menander to my point, I happen to notice last week that Hot Docs and CanWest are calling for submissions for documentary film development funding due by 5pm tomorrow.  Development in film lingo means research.

I don’t have all the pieces together yet for a rock solid application, but I’m going to apply anyway.  I’m sure it will take a lot of practice with these applications before I get my pitch perfect, so let the judging begin!

This means I’m working all night tonight, most probably… That’s OK, I can take it.

So, what I’m contemplating right now, is average.  I believe it was Andrew MacLeod who administered my very first official APL test.  He asked me to do averageAverage has the added advantage because most people know what is means.

At least they sort of know what it means.  To be honest, one of my shocking discoveries since I’ve launched myself into world outside of programming is how little people know about math. In fact, out here, I know a lot about math.  This is really PATHETIC.

Anyway today, I need to explain how the heck I’m going act as a translator or tour guide of the world of array programming.

The truth is, I do know how. And that’s why I’m thinking about average. 🙂

Now I’m off to do the explaining.


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