Winner takes all in America's great Capital

I’m having a wonderful time here in Washington DC.  I’ve put “faces to names” of many of the APL2000 folks, another branch of the array language family I didn’t know much about before embarking on this journey.

Also, it was a great honour to present Sonia Beekman with her prize for winning my array language challenge.  Remember, I asked you guys to name 6 female array language programmers on the blog.   Well, Sonia WON!  So I gave her a limited addition apple photo that I made for everyone who knew me in diapers and attended APL reunion up in Toronto in 2004.  This means Sonia now possess a piece of art also held by Robert Bernecky, Miachale Berry, Eric Iverson, Richard Lathwell, Roger Moore and maybe one or two others I can’t think of at this moment.  Congratulations Sonia!

I also learned that Sonia’s degree is in Biology, like at least one other great female APL mover and shaker.  In fact, I’ve met quite a few biologist who take to array programming languages.  Interesting.  I’m filing this in my tools for thought file.

Now it’s time to pack and catch that train to Philly!


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