Getting ready for secret screening

Guess what?  I’m filming this right now.  Of course, I’m going to Washington at the end of the month, I’ll say more about that later… But if I get my act together and my sound engineer gets out of the hospital in time!!! THEN there is a surprise screening of my ever improving demo.


2 Responses to “Getting ready for secret screening”

  • Hello… I knew and worked with many of the principal people who invented, developed, and perfected APL (A Programming Language).

    Heck, I even had close personal relationships with some of them!

    Be careful what you publish as I will keep a close eye on the veracity and technical correctness of your work.

    With all best regards, I remain:

    Jim Field

  • Dear James,

    That’s lovely to hear. And it’s nice to see you back again, a year later, here at the blog.

    It sounds like you have some stories to tell about your close personal relationships with the principle people who invented, developed and perfected APL. Please do share them with us!

    Thank you very much for posting.

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