Bread, roses and women

It’s long past time I came clean.  I’m not making a film.

Well, that’s not really true either.  I’m not just making a film.

In the lingo of the day, I’m making multi-platform digital properties. Say that 10 times, fast.  And what the heck does it  mean, anyway? The short story is that I have a distribution strategy which involves cyberspace and I am working on a business model that embraces innovations in technology.  The nice part about this is that I’m not trying to cram myself into an old TV/Film model that is in its death throes. My challenge is to be innovative in this space.   This is difficult, but I’m OK with that.

And there really is a film. It’s part of the plan.  In fact, I signed a development funding agreement with the Toronto APL SIG around Valentines Day to push this baby to the next level.  Development in the film world really means something closer to Research in the software development world.  This is the phase where I come up with the script, budget and demo for the show.  The Toronto APL SIGs contribution is convertible to equity in the final product.  It’s not equity now, because I’m designing the final product.

Getting back to the rest of the, hem, big picture, I extremely pleased with what I learned last week when I participated in  the international Ada Lovelace Day of blogging by posting a story about our Audrey Sharp.

Before I show you my stats and I expose my turtle like ascension – I’m going to tell you where all this traffic came from, because it didn’t come from our sites (APL/A/J/K/Q) and it didn’t come from Most of the referrals came from Lambda the Ultimate by a huge margin.  I believe, also, that this site is behind the 3,592 people who have taken a look at Origin of APL since I posted it July 20th, 2009.  HA.

Happy Valentines everyone!  I know it’s Nowruz, Passover and Easter but it’s still Valentines for ME!


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