Watch OUT! Sneaky Canadian Reporters

I’ve received an inquiry from a sneaky reporter who is writing a book and wants information about IPSA, but he won’t say what for!

So obviously there must be a conflict of interest!!!!  Isn’t that great!

ps Let’s talk before you help him – if you feel moved to help him.


2 Responses to “Watch OUT! Sneaky Canadian Reporters”

  • When I said, “If you want my help you have to tell me what you are up to, no shit.”

    This is what he writes:

    My area of expertise is not computer programming. For me a computer is nothing more than a fancy typwriter and that is the truth. I am a journalist and I use the computer for Internet Research, as do most people. Yesterday, I came across the site and saw the comments made about the CBC show. Simply put, you responded, which I appreciated. I assume you used to work for IPSA or maybe still do. I did not scrutinize the postings all that carefully. I was scanning it and a saw reference to the old CBC show. Hence my posting. No shit, as simple as that. If you have some reservations regarding my quest please do not loose any sleep over this, as I would not want you to feel any conflict. You can help me obtain a copy of the tape or can’t but either way it is not a problem.

  • Now he’s really mad at me!! And knows lots of people at CBC. And no reporter will tell what their working on! And doesn’t want or need my help!

    Now the real question – is he big enough to punish me big time?

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