Plus two times two

I just caught Bob Therriault animating array processing.  Excellent!



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  • Thanks Catherine,

    We’re just in the process of developing some reference animations for J. More examples can be found at

    We are hoping to create an easier conceptual access to some of J’s array processing primitives. What we really would like is feedback from those with ‘fresh eyes’. So if anyone has access to a classroom of learners discovering array processing languages, send them our way!

    It’s early days, but things are looking promising.

    Cheers, bob

    ps. Your blog is a refreshing view of the array processing culture. Keep up the good work, bt

  • That’s lovely Bob.

    I think you’re right, they do illustrate the concepts well.

    I will add a Youtube player somewhere on this blog with all the animations in it.

    Also, I added Plus two time two to the collection of videos on the Vector site as well. I’ll post your link on the Vector Blog, maybe that will get you some feedback.

    I hope everyone reading here will send you comments!

    And finally, THANKS! for your SUPPORTIVE! WORDS!

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