Good Night Moon, Good Night Chris

I’m a terrible stalker.

Maybe it’s because when I told my next door neighbour, we’ll call him Bill to protect the innocent…  When I told Bill, in jest, that I was stalking Chris Landreth, Bill replied with complete unadulterated disgust, He HAS a girlfriend.

I got shy.  That’s not quite what I had in mind. OK, more shy… I’m already shy, for a stalker…

So, my smashing stalking success came a couple of weeks ago when I spotted Chris! in! the! cafe! so I gave him and his buddy a free piece of banana bread to share.  Cranberry, my own invention, nice and pretty on a plate.

But it wasn’t really Chris.  It turns out that Chris has a slightly heavier doppelganger in the neighbourhood!

And though I have failed, so far, to capture the attention of one of Canada’s finest animators, and I have failed as a stalker when he lives not more than a! five! minute! walk! from! me!  I very proud to pass on that his latest film has been nominated for a Genie Award for Best Animated Short Film.

Sadly, he’s made his last post to his blog… so I will be removing it from my sidebar.  Good Night, Chris.  Maybe I’ll send you another post card.


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