World Domination

World domination requires a steady climb.  In my case, a very slow and steady climb.  And you just never know when someone will give you an unexpected boost.  That’s all I’m going to say about my picture.

Did you figure out my puzzle from last week?  What is Jeffrey Shallit’s Erdos Number? To be perfectly honest, I’m more impressed with his blog recursivity which rocks and his loyal readership who flocked here to see the eulogy he gave.

Should I tell?  It’s 1.  Jeffrey Shallit’s Erdos Number is one.

Changing the subject slightly, I was completely inspired at TEDxWaterloo last week.  Fellow Canadian, Terry O’Reilly woke up the sleepy devil inside of me.  His thesis, in the realm of marketing, is that we’re attracted to friction even when this defies logic. 

We’re so EASY to get all riled up… (by we, I mean array language programmers) I’m mulling over the plausibility of programmer bating…

Oh – yeah… for those of you going to Helsinki, be sure to ask, ‘Where the heck is Catherine?

And… Finally… My answer to Mark Allen is,  NO.  Sorry.   Not if you mean programmer.  Story teller, yes.  Programmer, no. But thanks for thinking of me. (What is she talking about?) But the good news is, that when I take off my clothes, there is, in fact, a female underneath.  And through out the course of history, we like looking at females better than males.  And I have evidence that this is still true.


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