Barbie, Godzilla & Stravinski's Lunch

My tag line today refers most obviously to Mattel’s announcement that Barbie’s 126th career is ‘Computer Engineer’.  Most tech news syndicates have noticed, I liked chipchick‘s take on the story.

I’ve always been a huge Barbie fan, in spite of my 60’s style feminist upbringing, which means that as a girl, Barbie was forbidden.

So, of course when I grew up, I developed, not one, but two series of paintings about the story of Barbie and Godzilla getting married and giving birth to a blond haired lizard faced child named Godiva.  Needless to say, I’m thrilled to see Computer Engineer Barbie finally joining our ranks.

In the mean time, funnily enough, Godzilla and I have been working together on my Mac, which blew its graphics card.  As you can see, Godzilla is perfectly designed for this little job (booting from disk).  Which is good because I don’t have much experience tinkering around with the mysteries of Apple,  I did a lot of booting and rebooting.

The up-side of this sideline is that I know a lot more about my Mac, and all the pieces are back together and it is in fine working order. My Mac dealer, by the way, did not believe that my problem was caused by a fried graphics card, in spite of numerous reports in cyber space, most notably on Apple’s own forums… So, I found a new dealer. Who the heck wants to lug a huge Mac Pro tower half-way across the city when they don’t have to?  Damn.  I was SURE it was that little card (and I was right).

Anyway, it’s fun to be thinking about Barbie and Godzilla in the same week.  And after a few frustrating, but fruitful days of do-it-your-self Mac maintenance, I’m thoroughly sick of computers.  Which brings me to my final segue, I started yet another book last night.  Drusilla Modjeska’s, The Orchard which I have read more times than any other book, with the exception of maybe Eloise (Kay Thompson).

Ms Modjeska is an Australian writer who also wrote Stravinski’s Lunch a very insightful comparison of lifestyle choices made by two female Australian painters, whose stories stand up well as metaphors for us all.  By “us all”  I mean female artists – and perhaps female computer engineers, though, engineers, in general, are better paid than artists.

So, on that note, I will close with a quote from page 4 of The Orchard:

When Ettie tells this story, although I have no reason not to believe it is true, it’s sometimes hard to distinguish from the fairy tales she uses to illustrate her life.  When I imagine the world in which she lived as a girl all that time ago, I do so through the lense of history.  But Ettie herself doesn’t see the past through a plate glass window separating then from now.  She sees the past as more of a dream, and in that dream, all of us are linked…

And on that note – Happy Valentines…  & to the Canadians, Happy Family Day.  Rock on.


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