Remember green bar paper?

Remember green bar paper?  I’m not sure when it came in, but it did come in outside of the limits of my memory.  What I mean to say is that it was always there.  And then… poof!  It was gone.

My dad is now happily settled in Manitoulin and this morning I got around to looking through my box – which he has stuffed to the breaking point and dropped off at my house.

My box now contains collectibles spanning several decades including the APL character set type-balls,  listings on green bar from the 1970’s with hand written corrections, as well as the J Phrasebook, Phrases published by Iverson Software in 1996 authored by Chris Burke, Roger K. W. Hui, Kenneth E. Iverson, Eugene E. McDonnell & Donald B. McIntyre.

At the same time, I installed K on my PC this weekend.  I’m hoping my days of wishing I had access to APL are over.

I’m still reading about 4 computer history books at the same time.  It makes for slow progress, if you’re counting by completion.  I’m at the point in the Grace Hooper biography where they start talking about Grace’s struggle with Alcohol dependence.  I’ve learned also that Ada Lovelace had her own battle with alcohol.  Not all array programmers drink like fish, but some do.  Or have.  Hmmmm… Something to contemplate.

And while I’m throwing big names around, I also found the letter from the American Institute of Physics, dated May 31, 1973 informing my father, Mr. Richard H. Lathwell, that he, Roger D. Moore and Larry M. Breed would be presented with the Grace Murray Hopper award during the ACM Annual Conference in Atlanta Georgia that year in August.

And to close… While I have been remiss this month in the posting, you most certainly have held up your end of the bargain. You’re still reading! This is fantastic You make me proud.


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