It's Brooke! More tales from NYC

Even though I’ve only known Brooke Allen for a short time, I feel confident in saying this is most probably a typical photo of the guy.  He’s filled to the brim with stories and they flow like water.  He’s right in the middle of a good one here, I can tell.

When I first started this wacky array programming language film business a whole pile of people said to me, “You gotta meet Brooke Allen,” so, when he invited me to stay with him and Eve on my trip to NYC I jumped at the chance.  A great opportunity to get to meet this legend in the APL community.

The reason people are so keen to hook me up with Brooke, is because he more or less single-handedly cajoled enough people off their butts and to part with their hard earned cash that we got to have a programming contest aimed at students this year.  And there was real cash prize money.  And travel expenses.

And I need dough to do my film and more importantly to archive our fine progenitors before it’s too late, so people are thinking of me.  And here we are.  I had a lovely time getting to know Eve and Brooke and completely appreciate their hospitality.

And if you want to know more about Brooke, check out his No Shortage of Work Project.

Oh – and by the way, my “views” this month will top last month, which itself was a record setter.  Nice job folks.  Thanks for reading.  Thanks for this crazy ride…  AND HAPPY NEW YEAR!


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