Not one, but two… tales from NYC

I almost fell off my chair.

I made friends with two Kx customers who are new to the array language family.   Both agreed to let me follow their progress, if I don’t name names.  Of course, I’m asking tons of pesky questions.  How do you find your programmers?  Why are you moving to the array family technology?  It turns out that folks are using intelligent business analysis, and then bingo!  Array family wins!  It’s smart, sexy and cool.

And… I ask, where do you get your data?  The answer?  Well.

Several generations of acquisitions and mergers ago, there was this midsized Toronto based APL company called I.P. Sharp.  IPSA, as we called them, started squirreling away financial data back in the 1970’s.

I worked for IPSA most of my working life.  That’s the career my mother refers to as, “the real job I threw away.” We didn’t qualify as sexy yet, but smart – Oh, yes.

Through several acquisitions and mergers and much heaving and hauling, and maybe a decade or two, this warehouse of financial historical data was ported off array technology.

And now, that historical data is finding its way back!

I’m not sure why I find this so funny, but… Oh… I do. And I feel like a real reporter now… Secret contacts!

Oh, and in spite of puking for the last few days, I *think* I passed my exam last night.  If I did… I’M LEVEL TWO!  HURRAY!


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