Kx Kicks … on Wall Street

So, my super secret Jedi seeking NYC mission was to go give my dog & pony show at the Kdb+ User Group meeting last week.

I did that.

And I had an amazing time and have stories!  They will come out over the next few posts.

But for starters – it was GREAT to see Simon Garland again and hear him speak.  He always puts on a good show.

Our very own Devon McCormick gave a great presentation on the advantages of terse programming languages.

Unfortunately, he was also moving at the speed of light, so I didn’t get a very good shot of him.

I understand that on Thursday the NYC J group went live with a Web Cast.

I’m wondering how that went…

And I FINALLY got to meet Chris Burke!

Who, as it turns out, has a little bit of the devil and tried really hard and in earnest to get me to skip my flight home and run away to the J meeting instead.

That’s it for now.  I’m frantically cramming for my exam Thursday night.  My travel and my exams are on the same cycle, unfortunately.  So, more later… I promise!


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