I joined the bloody ACM

Thank goodness for the student membership at the ACM and all those economics classes I’m taking.  Actually, right now I’m on business law and I have to write an exam tomorrow night.  I was supposed to write it last week, but got stuck in Boston, which is another story.  I always get stuck in Boston.

I joined the ACM because I wanted to write something super accurate about Alex Morrow, and everything super accurate about APL folks is archived in APL Quote Quad and locked away in the ACM’s little corner of cyberspace.

I was going to say something cheeky about getting the ACM’s attention, but the truth is, thanks to Joey Tuttle, Curtis Jones and Simon Garland, I’m having no trouble getting the attention of some pretty slick players in the world of computing.  So, I’ll be nice.

I like Alex because he introduced me and my sister to Arnold Lobel’s Frog and Toad books.  He is a lovely man.

IBM likes Alex and made him an IBM Fellow because:

First at IBM and later at Lotus, where he was named a Lotus Fellow, Morrow made significant contributions in fields ranging from programming languages and operating systems to software standards and personal computer software. His early achievements included his involvement in the establishment of an international standard for the APL language and the ACIS 4.2 operating system for IBM’s first workstations. When the Open Software Foundation was created to produce a standard Unix operating system, Morrow became IBM’s founding executive for this effort. More recently, he was a driving force behind the integration and unification of Lotus’ product line and now is active in developing the next generation of “pervasive computing” technologies.

ACM SIGAPL APL Quote Quad 1999
Volume 29 ,  Issue 4  (June 1999) Page: 4

I’m absolutely thrilled to have Alex’s help.  We’re off to get a full history from Adin Falkoff.  I better ask Adin!

And someday I’ll tell the story about Charlie Brenner’s MG Mini, Alex’s tree & my dining room table.

Oh, and I happened to notice the APL standards debate woke up again this week in comp.lang.apl and all the APLs struggle with saving face.


2 Responses to “I joined the bloody ACM”

  • Hi, just wanted to say this looks like an incredible project, and I’m very excited to see how it comes out! I am only a vector-languages hobbyist, but have found the APL/J paradigm to be so interesting and the book “A Programming Language” is one of the finest programming books I’ve ever read.

    (they’re going to adopt some APL-like operators in Perl 6, so hopefully I’ll be able to do some vector-style programming professionally sooner rather than later)

  • Hey P – If you have any more inside news about APL-like operations implemented in Pear… cut me in!

    Yesterday a strange little package arrived from New Jersey yesterday… Who sent me a present???? THE ACM! My new fold out all-in-one-calander-clock-calculator!

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