Is there a degree for this?

Boston.  The happy home of Harvard, MIT, Mark I & Alex.

The first thing I did when I got off the plane was run visit my new boyfriend, Harold Aiken’s, Mark I.  He lives in Harvard’s Science Center on Oxford Street in Cambridge.

While the students come and go… Mark I sits.  It’s pretty cool to be able to just walk in there and see the old boy.

I ended up picking up more Computer History books at the MIT Press bookstore.  APL is mentioned.  But I have to say, I don’t like the tone. I’m happy to add another voice to the fray.

First, I’m learning about Computer History.

Or how it’s written about, actually.  And yes, there’s a long way to go between Mark 1 & IBM/360.

Which is where I get to my original question: Is there a degree for this? 

Because if there is, I want one.

Thank goodness I find all of this poking around interesting.  And I just fell in love all over again when I saw this photo.  What a lovely machine.

I can imagine all those Naval officers sweating away over their ballistics and voilà!

Programming is born.

Do you want to hear about my meeting with Alex Morrow?  I most probably should start by explaining who exactly he is. 

Ah…  A job for another day.  Tomorrow.  Soon.  I’ll be bak!


2 Responses to “Is there a degree for this?”

  • Catherine,
    Thanks for the picture of the Mark I. I didn’t know it still existed! Of course you know that the Computer History Museum in Mountain View came out of the DEC museum which became the Boston Computer Museum which merged with the Boston Science Museum. (Names are approximate!)

    Another distraction from APL … I’d go across the river to the MIT Museum to see the K&E slide rule collection. Curtis

  • It’s very cool be be able to visit these old machines.

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