Ex ungue Leonem

There is this huge difference between living your life in the shadow of something like a programming language and actually understanding where you are in the context of something more objective, like, well… dare I say… history.

aikenbookSo, I’m of course finding out all of these things that most of you probably already know.  Like, for example, that Ken Iverson studied under Howard Aiken.  This, I did know.

What I did not know, is that his dissertation was jointly supervised by Mr. Aiken & Wassily Leontief, the economist who later won the Nobel Prize for his invention of “input-output” economics. [pg. 206-208 of I. Bernard Cohen’s Howard Aiken: Portrait of a Computer Pioneer]

At the same time, in my reading I’m finding some freakishly familiar echos from the past.

So, when John Roy said, “Boston!”.

I said, “Yes! Let’s Go!”

And I shall pass by Harvard & meet up with Alex Morrow next week.  And that’s that.


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