I can't believe I ate the whole thing

dyalogtapes1 The Dyalog APL 2009 Conference is officially digitised.  Whew.  That only took 2 months.  Good thing I have other ways to make a living.  Yikes.  The next step is to encode the rest of Gitte’s material and mail it off to the UK.

There are some extra special moments.  Everyone is so sincere. 

I’m in love all over again.  Sigh.

Actually, first I have to work on something for some super-secret, super-cool folks in a extra-special-aren’t-I-lucky-to-get-to go town.  I’ll blog about it in December.

Truthfully, I will only tell if I come up with something good for them…  Otherwise, I’ll hide.

Seriously – I’m having a date with my boyfriend instead of going out on my own to see, ‘The Men Stare at Goats’ tonight. 

Mistake?  I hope not.

I think it’s a guy flick too.



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