Minowbrook & Stephen Taylor's Hat


I like this picture because I’m doing that APL hand talking thing.  In fact, looking across the room at my Mac, I see Morton doing the same thing.

And I’m of the firm opinion that by wearing a smart guy’s hat for half a day,  I’m now smarter.  Guess whose hat I’m wearing! 

Sing along…

John Jacob Jinkleheimer Smith, his name is my name too.  Whenever we go out, the people always shout, There goes John Jacob Jinkleheimer Smith.

Boy, you’ll really need to be paying attention to get that one… Me breaking out into song. Hee Hee

At this moment, I’m digitising more Morton.  I’m working on tape 9 of 16… I’ve passed the halfway mark of the Dyalog APL 2009 Princeton collection.  I’d be even closer to being done if… well… on second thought, I’ll spare you the editor’s woes… It’s sufficient for you to know, it’s not always smooth sailing.

On another topic, I’m getting ready for a short trip to Boston.  My next job to do tonight is to send Alex Morrow a note to see if he can meet up with me. 

I shall tell him that my sister reads the Frog & Toad  he gave us 35+ years ago to her boys.


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