Array Men

I know I didn’t say ‘& women’. They are so few.  And they have important pivotal roles.  But I’ll get to that later…

Last night I was up in my studio digitising more footage from the Dyalog APL Conference… Wee… This is the fun part of film making…

hahahahahaha That’s a sarcastic laugh.

Uploading hour for hour, each tape. One 45 min session crashed at the end of the process 4 times before I got the fix to the problem right (yup -4 x 45mins, flushed).  And I got to watch my own talk. I’ll stop with the sarcasm.  Sigh – all my friends are now charged with helping me work on my posture, which sucks.

On the bright side, I took a break and went to the Sorauren Park Pumpkin festival with my sister.  Every year, everyone takes their jack-o-lanterns to our little park. It’s really cool & if you are my facebook friend, you got to see some pictures last night.

My sister is here to help sort through my dad’s stuff before he hauls it all to his new place up north.

And Also on the bright side… It’s feels good to have these tapes tackled one by one.


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