IBM's propaganda wars


Right in the middle of  Beyer’s chapter on Howard Aiken, there is this amazing comparison between what Grace Hopper  wrote about Aiken’s role regarding the invention of his baby Mark I  & what was published by IBM at the same time.  IBM, even at the close of WWII set a tone with its propaganda where the company, rather than individuals are responsible for technological innovation.  Will I get in trouble if I compare IBM to The Borge?

This chapter also discusses the parallels between the Aiken/Hopper relationship and the Babbage/Lovelace relationship.  Can you imagine, I had no idea there were all these women involved before I started this project?!  Shame!

Which reminds me,  I owe Rosemarie Reed a letter of support for her PBS documentary about Ada Lovelace.  You should write one too.

Oh, and David Allen was here yesterday from Palo Alto. We caught a beer after my class.  I still look up to him like a 13 year old kid looks up to an 18 year old boy… blink, blink… smile.


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