Amazing Grace

I’m still learning from Beyer’s biography of Grace Hopper.  Beyer does a good job of including just enough technical information about Harvard’s first computer (Mark I) and it’s 750,000 moving parts [p.46] to be interesting, but not too much to be incomprehensible or boring.

He also talks about the social context in which the work was being done at Harvard, with Howard Aiken at the helm a decade before Ken arrived.  I’m now wondering what Jean Iverson has to say about Ken’s time at Harvard.  She’ll tell me, but sadly,  not on camera.

Lucky me!

Oh – and…

P.S. I happened to notice that no one looked at the new page I added to this blog: “APL Online”.   It’s a special thanks page to Roger Hui for all the hard work he has done to maintain the volumes of articles published over the years.  And if you don’t know what I’m taking about, you should definitely look at this page.


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