WordPress spam filter 168, Catherine -4

Damn! I approved 4 sneaky spams!

I was pondering why the heck Roger could post comments when the other guys got caught by my Spam filter.  When *ping* a flash of insight.  Hmmmm, that post sounds just like another…  Hey, it’s the same as another… Duh!

So, I took that spam down.  Sorry folks.

I’m thinking I will Digitise more of the Dyalog conference tonight. Get that done.  And work some on my demo for the film…

Tomorrow I’ll be at Loco Burrito, for just 1 hour at lunch.

As for my visit to US Homeland Security…

My trip to Homeland Security was interesting.  On the American side, everyone was polite and helpful.  I felt  an understanding that there are a lot of reasons a Refugee could get kicked out of Canada, no need to judge or be nasty.

The Canadians on the other hand, were rude as hell, treated me like I was abetting a criminal.  In fact, they wouldn’t let me back into Canada.  No kidding.  So I was stuck in that in between space like that Airport movie with Tom Hanks.  Thankfully, the US let me back in on their side.  When I explained the problem to the US customs agent, he said, Clothing? Weird. I guess he’s not going back.

Not without a fight.

I mailed the stuff to my sister in Ohio.  And on my second attempted to come home, the custom’s man was very nice, What’s wrong?

He asked.  So I told him, refraining from using the B-word.  He just shook his head.

I continued, And they told me, you’re going to check my car, so go ahead.

Do you have anything in your car? He asked.

Nope. Nothing.

Go home, sweetheart. And he waved me through.

Barred from my own country! humph! Fine.  Gasoline on the fire.


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