Where the heck is she?

Oh man.  A whole week.  No blogging.  Not much progress on the film. And what a week it was.

My dad sold his house.  He’s moving to the country.   Bye, bye Hotel Lathwell.  I’m sad.  70 Winona Drive has sheltered more than one traveling APLer over the years.

I’ve also been minding the cash register at Loco Burrito every day at lunch.  It’s fun to see the business get off the ground and I’m looking forward to having my days back hopefully this week.  Ah… The things we do for love.

I think I passed my exam on Thursday.  I’ve moved on to Business Law and Administration in Canada.

And here’s the really tough part.

While I was writing that exam, my friend, a genuine Tibetan Convention Refugee, went to help a distressed friend of his here in Parkdale.  The police came, took every one’s name.  My friend is on the deportation list, in spite of ongoing diplomatic efforts to get him off that list. Within 24 hours, he was in jail in the USA.

What is going to happen to a master traditional Tibetan Thangka painter in an American Prison? Now I’m worried sick and working to get him out of that American prison.

traditional Tibetan Thangka painting

detail from My friend's painting

Ironically, while my life lesson of this week is about ruthless brutal bureaucracy; from books, I’m learning all the things, good and wonderful, that we’ve done to civilize our Common Law system here in Canada so that we are NOT cruel in our application of the law.

I want to throw that book at some people at this moment.


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