A promise to do better

One of the unfortunate side effects of my la-dee-dum-dum-da-let’s-just-jump-right-in-there-and-make-this-film, consequences-be-damned, is that I haven’t properly responded to so many people who have sent me suggestions and ideas and word of encouragement and offers to help.

And so, of course, the dialogue has slowed a little bit…

Many of you have now seen my dazed look at the end of the day on the road, and heard my pleas… seen me scramble frantically for my notebook to scratch down the name you just mentioned.

And the truth is, my smarts are different than your smarts.  My capacity for retaining detail is nowhere close to the average APL/J/K system developer or engineer.

Let’s just hope I can tell a good story.

I’ve learned and incorporated a perpetual state, information overload.

The truth is, I love hearing from everyone. Even when I can’t really take it anymore.

My promise is to do better in the responding and thanking department.

Because thankful to hear from you is how I really, truly, deeply feel.


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