And on the business side…

I met with Richard Warburton of Kay & Warburton Chartered Accountants. Richard has cool shoes.  Maybe next time I go, he’ll let me photograph them.

And Richard was very gracious, though I’m sure this was difficult because I don’t think I remembered to mention to him that I do actually make films.  And sometimes my baby steps even get recognized in the newspaper.  And I forgot to tell him he has the same name as my dad.

He was still very helpful and took me on, nonetheless,  and they don’t usually take clients who are this early in the development phase.  So, I’m encouraged.

If I were a race horse at the track, the payout would be good.

Most importantly, Richard helped me finalize some decisions about the money that the Toronto APL Sig has put up to initiate this project.  Excellent.


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