Animation and a bad-assed musician

It’s becoming an obsession this blogging.  I can see my viewer stats sadly fall when I haven’t blogged enough in a given week.  The surges that come after special posts, like the photos from Dyalog’s 2009 Conference, are so exciting.  I don’t want to let you folks down.  And I don’t really know who’s looking at this point.

Anyway, the accountant called.  We’re meeting on Tuesday.  And a really cool thing happened at the cafe today.  What cafe?  Ha ha!

At the cafe, I got the chance to  talk to Logan, who is an animator, about helping with some animation on the film demo.   I love Logan!  I’m excited about getting a chance to work with him on my project. He’s a bad-assed musician to boot!  He should fit right in with us.


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