Photos! & designing my X Rating

Dialog APL Conference 2009 We had a fabulous time in Princeton and you can see many photos from the event on flickr which is probably more fun if you know everybody.

Definitely a humble crowd. With an average IQ somewhere in the stratosphere, no less than five people told me everyone else in the room was smarter than they were, themselves.  Hmmmm…  that was a little weird. And some seriously smart people said this too.

And I overheard young Ronald taking on Bernecky with remarkable confidence.

And harnessing this brain power, Joho, the Italians and I worked out how to get my film its X-rating at cocktail hour…  Oh… and we figure, with our crowd, gratuitous violence is out.  That leaves… well… you know.  And poor Gert, who was not at all suspecting our vaguely inappropriate conversation, was left looking down into his wine glass.

I love Europeans.


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