Crunch Time for Princeton

I had lunch with Caitlin O’Donovan on Thursday and she corrected me.  I don’t have an evil plan (evil plans are best) but rather a multi-platform distribution plan for my multi-platform digital properties.  That’s how we officially say, I’m making a film and distributing content  in cyberspace as part of the film-making process.

Caitlin is the Director of Kids Interactive at Corus Entertainment, so, she knows.

Further, I’ll be talking in more detail about my multi-platform distribution plan for my multi-platform digital properties next week at Dyalog’s conference in Princeton.

And I’ll be finalising my agreement with the Toronto APL Special Interest Group by the end of the month.  The lawyer drafted agreement needs to reviewed by an accountant to ensure we can take advantage of Canadian tax credits.  Richard, the film accountant, is finally back from summer holidays.  When this is done, I’ll be making a rat-tat-tat-dooo-op press release announcing the signed deal.  Ta-da!


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