No memmory at all

Of course, memory plays a big part in this type of project, a film, a history, a now, all jumbled together and that I am unfolding as a story.

What about mine?  It’s more like a colourful smudge than an account’s record.

Already, all told I, have over 10 hours of APL/J/K related videos that I have recorded since 2003.  What the heck is on these tapes?  That’s a good question.  I haven’t even started the film yet.  I haven’t written what’s on them down.

I’m looking for Gitte’s speech at Ken’s memorial service in Toronto.  Where is it?  What year was that?  2004 – The date flashes by on tape. Morten had a funny hair cut.  A blond fringe for bangs in front.  But this is only tape one.  Where are the rest?

Gitte is, of course, Gitte Christensen.  There is very little about written about her in cyberspace.

Oh, yeah.  School starts again tonight.  Business Law.  Gotta go. Onward.


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