Mafia Wars and other misadventures in cyberspace

The truth is that I started playing Mafia Wars because RDM plays Maia Wars.  I thought it would help with the bonding if I joined his Mafia.  So I did.  The problem with my plan is that he already has a strong Mafia, so whenever I go to help him out, more than ten other Mafioso have already responded.  And the game is sure to tell me so.  Humph! And what’s worse is that I’m so far behind, I’m one of the kids on his team.  Well, that’s not new.  In any case, I have him as my Mastermind. Who wouldn’t. I’m not sure this is helping with the bonding but I am now sporting my first multi-player game addiction.

And there are some ill affects!

In fact, this weekend, while playing Mafia Wars, I didn’t notice some not so subtle subtleties of email formatting in an email from Christian Langreiter.  The sort version of this story is that I was left with the impression that he is making a film about APL too!  What a coincidence!  Maybe we could make one film about APL together?! You see where this is going… hem… And then, in my excitement, I ran off and mentioned this to Simon, who must think I’m off my rocker.  🙂

But seriously folks, the crunch is on for the shoot in Princeton. Never mind, my talk in Princeton.

Iris checked the gear this morning, and I’m off to do a bit of equipment shopping.

11 days to Dyalog ’09 – The Array Language Event of the Year!


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