Tuesday at my fathers house

My father controls his whole house with his iPhone.   He remembers every video I’ve ever made and he tries to show everyone all of them.  In fact, he carries his favourites around on his iPhone.  The man loves his iPhone.  He’s 67 years old.  I don’t have an iPhone.  Not yet. And by the way, would I like to take home a copy of Snow Lepard? He has it already because he’s in one of those Apple Developer groups.

So, our day starts like this.  I turn up around 10:30 am.  My father shows me all the photos from his trip out to Western Canada.  Then he shows me how cool MobileMe is, in detail.  I show him my latest video experiment on YouTube, walk. Then we try to figure out a few things about SeaMonkey together.  We have lunch.

Then I say, can we look at those APL boxes in your basement?  He looks distressed and says, today? I back down and say we don’t have to go through them, can we just look and see what is there? I guess so.  We go.  We find all kinds of things.  My father is more of a pack rat than an archivist.  There’s the original APL/360 manual.  Notes from a course he wrote.  He tells me they called him the mathematician at that point.  They called my dad, the mathematician? Everything all mixed together.  Notes from the 1980’s at IPSA. 40 year old math books.  All of Ken’s books. (Oh damn, I forgot to call Eric!)

Did you ever go to Minnowbrook?  Oh, yes.

I didn’t even know there was an APL think tank. Hopefully there will be another one this year.  And hopefully I’ll get to go.  And hopefully I’ll finally get to meet Arthur.  Meet Arthur at Minnowbrook.  It has a nice ring to it.

Think tanks are cool.


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