She loves you like a Kitten

Updated my blog’s theme today.  This is where the kitten bit is coming from.

Incidentally, Chris Becker of FileMobile is one of the most forward thinking business men I’ve met in ages.  I wish I was working with him more.  He says, if you want to get a lot of people’s attention quickly in cyberspace, add a cute animal.  He was talking about online contests at the time and changing my WordPress theme is not at all what he meant – but now I have a blog post with ‘kitten’.  We’ll see what that does!  You see, part of my evil plan is to get attention in cyberspace.  Right?  It’s that tree falling problem.  Can I you hear me?

Thanks again Hugh Macleod &

Thanks again Hugh Macleod &

And speaking of trees, today I official started stalking Paul Grosvenor.  The poor guy has the distinction of being the Chairman of the British APL Association.  Another part of my evil plan is to try to get everyone helping out with my evil plans.   I know, everyone wants to rope everyone else into their own agenda.  *sigh*  I’m human.  Damn.

Anyway, I would like to unveil a little more about my agenda at Princeton, so I think Paul and I should talk first.  Don’t you agree?



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