Generation 4 (Already?)

P1050339My summer student started working!  Yay!

Laura Linton is a stellar student and math whiz.  She has interests in accounting and has a strong ethical sense with concerns for the planet.  We’re all lucky she’s so smart – the planet needs it.  And I’m very lucky to have her working with me this summer.

Welcome Laura to the LP team!

PS Laura is also the daughter of Cameron Linton & Janet Martin, both  former IPSANs.

In fact, I like to take some credit for her birth (let’s say 1%).  Now there’s a story!


1 Response to “Generation 4 (Already?)”

  • … and how is Laura doing learning APL? (or J)? Or – has she already been using APL since childhood?

    If she’s a computer whiz I expect her to hate APL. If she’s a math whiz I expect her to love APL!

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